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There are a number of qualifications accredited by C&G for the Mechanical Engineering Services / Building Services Industry that our Installation Theory and Advanced Theory courses can help you prepare for, the main qualifications are:

C&G 6089 – Plumbing NVQ Level 2 (Trained Plumber) & Level 3 (Advanced Plumber)

If you are a person who has been working in the industry for 5 years or more undertaking the normal sort of work that plumbers do, then you may be able to register for direct entry into the NVQ and achieve the qualification by creating a portfolio of site based evidence and on site assessment. If, however, you are a new-entrant to the industry or a person who has less than 5 years experience working in plumbing, then C&G require that you train for and pass a ‘technical certificate’ qualification as well, before the full NVQ can be awarded.

C&G 6129 – Plumbing Technical Certificate in Basic Plumbing Skills (Level 2) & Domestic Plumbing Studies (Level 3)

This qualification comprises a series of both multi-choice test papers and practical assessments all done by workshop simulation, it is a prerequisite for the Plumbing NVQ for new-entrants to the industry and people with less than 5 years experience.

C&G 6088 – Domestic Heating Installation NVQ Level 2 (Installer grade) & Level 3 (Craftsman grade)

This qualification is an alternative that you may wish to consider. Particularly if you have the opportunity to collect the evidence required for the portfolio by on-site-assessment but do not have 5 years experience. The evidence required for the portfolio is very similar to that needed for the plumbing NVQ. The main difference being that no sheet lead weathering evidence (such as chimney flashings) is required.

C&G 6028 – Domestic Heating Installation Technical Certificate

As with the plumbing, there is also a heating technical certificate qualification, but this is not a prerequisite to achieve the Domestic Heating Installation NVQ.

Independent Assessments

The following independent assessments may also prove useful, particularly if you wish to self-certify your work, in due course, as required by Parts G L and P of the Building Regulations. Those marked with a * are also required as part of the full C&G 6089 Plumbing NVQ at Level 3:

Water Regulations *

Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems *

C&G 6084 – Energy Efficiency

ACS Domestic Gas Safety Assessments * (Note ACS assessment is also required for  competent gas operative registration on the CAPITA Gas Safe Scheme)

Typical costs for practical training and assessment

It is not possible for us to quote exact costs, and because everyone who want to change career come with different experience and pre-existing skills, consequently the amount of training time actually required will vary, but the following might enable an individual comparison of the various options available to be made.

Further Education College based C&G 6129 plumbing technical certificate training and assessment typically takes 2 years on a day release basis for C&G 6129 Technical Certificate (1 day per week for 35 weeks each year) and typically costs £1300 per year if you are 19 or over (free if 18 or under). Some colleges offer this course on a full time basis over 1 year (35 weeks at 18 hours tuition per week) cost approximately £1300 if you are 19 or over (free if age 16 to 18).

Intensive full time C&G 6129 plumbing technical certificate training and assessment with a private training provider/assessment centre typically takes 6 to 8 weeks and costs from £4500. Follow-on NVQ assessment will involve a one off registration fee approximately £110 plus say 3 or 4 (possibly more depending on circumstances) on-site assessment visits over say 6 months working in the industry at approximately £200 to £300 per visit.

Introductory or basic plumbing practical training can be as little as 2 days and typically costs about £350 with a private training provider, similarly bathroom design and installation training might be 4 days and typically cost £350.

As the range of qualifications available is wide, and the entry requirements for the plumbing NVQ can at first appear complicated, so if you need help in deciding which is the best route to a qualification for you, then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to offer you impartial advice...