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If you have bought a pipe bender, or are thinking about buying one, but don’t know how to get the most out of it then this module is definitely for you!

This Module A Guide to Tube Bending is a comprehensive Self-Study Module that explains and shows you how to make all types of hand and machine bends accurately in a simple, illustrated, step-by-step way with no need for any difficult maths or complicated drawings.

The module is packed with drawings, knowledge, information and advice, and concludes with a short assessment for you to complete and return to us for marking and feedback, and issue to you of a personalised Record of Achievement.

Module Contents


Tube suitability for bending

Hand bending copper tube

Softening copper tube

Setting out of spring loaded bends

Single and double sets

Pass-over bends

Maintaining centres around 'matching' bends

Machine bending

Typical bending machines

Assembling adjustable rotary bending machines

Setting the pressure roller

Setting the stop for repeat bends

Setting out machine bends

Methods of establishing bending points for machine bends

Positioning tube in the machine

Forming the bend

Reverse bending

Positioning tube for multiple bends

Double sets

Passover bends

Bends beyond 90° from a fixed point

Two angled bends from a fixed point

Press bending

Bending geometry

Do’s and don’ts of bending

Summary multiple-choice questions

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