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Customer and Working Relationships

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In order to achieve a full NVQ a person has to work competently in the industry and provide evidence of their professional approach to work. For this to be achieved the person has to be able to form effective relationships with both work colleagues and customers quickly, and be able to resolve problematic situations too.

This Module explains the various processes involved, it also offers strategies to enable you to try to see situations from the other person’s point-of-view, and communicate effectively using a variety of methods, including written verbal and non-verbal. It also covers the roles of people who work as a part of the construction team, as well as giving ideas to help enable energy conservation and economy of working...

Module Contents

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Plumbing history

9.3 Professional relationships

9.4 Effective communications in the workplace

9.5 Drawings and essential information

9.6 Working relationships – you and work colleagues

9.7 Working relationships – customers

9.8 Telephones

9.9 The construction team

9.10 Contractors’ organisational structure

9.11 People who control construction work and visitors to site

9.12 Energy conservation and economy

9.14 Customer and working relationships multiple-choice questions