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Water Regulations

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Few people realise that failure to comply with the UK Water Regulations can result in conviction, a fine, and a criminal record! We have looked at lots of plumbing courses over the years and find it hard to believe that some of them do not equip their students with the knowledge they need to comply with the law! This is not the case with the Learn Plumbing Installation Theory Course.

This module explains in detail the principles behind the Regulations and how they are designed to keep our water supply clean and wholesome for the end user. Once you have successfully completed this Module you will be familiar with the requirements of the Regulations and be armed with a variety of techniques to enable you to comply with them confidently.

Module Contents

8.1 Introduction and primary purpose of the regulations

8.2 Workmanship and standards

8.3 Backflow

8.4 Notification requirements

8.5 Certificates of compliance

8.6 Inspections, measurements, tests and enforcement

8.7 Contravention of regulations and defences

8.8 Form of the regulations

8.9 Backflow definitions

8.10 Backflow protection

8.11 Air-gaps

8.12 Mechanical backflow prevention devices

8.13 Water saving

8.14 Examples of notice, backflow assessment and compliance forms

8.15 Summary multiple-choice questions

8.16 Text of Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999