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Installation Theory Course Contents - Module 7

Shower Installation and Design

Installation Theory Course

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There are many different types and patterns of shower available, so it makes good sense to us to include a full Module on this complex subject. The Module explains the different principles of operation of both manual and thermostatic shower mixer valves, as well as how to select the best type for a particular situation, and how to install mixer valves, power-showers and electric powered shower heaters correctly.

Module Contents

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Shower mixer-valves

7.3 Electric showers

7.4 Shower selection

7.5 Water pressure

7.6 Shower piping arrangements

7.7 Installing the shower

7.8 Shower pumps

7.9 Cavitation

7.10 Shower pump selection

7.11 Venturi boost shower mixer selection

7.12 Multi-head showers

7.13 Shower installations constructed using separate components

7.14 Showerheads

7.15 Shower enclosures

7.16 Commissioning

7.17 Maintenance

7.18 Electrical installation

7.19 Do’s and don’ts of shower installation

7.20 Summary multiple-choice questions