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Installation Theory Course Contents - Module 6

Sanitary Accommodation Layout and Design

Installation Theory Course

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People have asked us - why do you cover an advanced NVQ Level 3 design skill so early in the course? The reason is that offering a Bathroom Design and Installation service can be a good way for a mature person with a little flair for design, as well as plumbing knowledge and practical skills, to begin working in the industry on their own account with relatively little capital outlay.

Again, this could be on a word-of-mouth basis to friends and family at first. Bathroom design and installation is also a excellent way to collect a wide range of evidence of competence towards your NVQ qualification.

Module Contents

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Statutory requirements, standards and references

6.3 Materials for sanitary appliances

6.4 Basic design skills

6.5 Designer’s legal responsibilities

6.6 Contractor’s and sub-contractor’s legal responsibilities

6.7 Sanitary accommodation layout

6.8 Appliance selection

6.9 Space requirements

6.10 Bathroom planners

6.11 Special needs sanitary accommodation

6.12 Water and discharge pipe systems

6.13 Summary multiple-choice questions