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Installation Theory Course Contents - Module 5

Sanitary Appliance Installation, Taps, Valves and Leak Repair

Installation Theory Course

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Module 5 of the Course explains how to correctly assemble and install the various patterns of sanitary fittings, taps and valves etc. It also explains the requirements for above-ground discharge piping (soil and waste pipe installation), as well as gutters and rain-water pipes.

Also covered are tap and valve maintenance techniques, and why leaks occur and how to repair them correctly...

Once this module of the Course is successfully completed, it may well be that you feel confident enough in your knowledge and practical abilities that you could begin to carry out simple straightforward plumbing repairs and emergency maintenance tasks.

When someone has a plumbing emergency, they really need a plumber and urgently!!!

Offering an emergency repair and maintenance service (perhaps on a word-of-mouth basis to friends and family at first) is one way for a mature person to start working in the industry with minimal capital outlay. It is also a way to begin to collect evidence of competence towards an NVQ qualification.

Module Contents

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Storage and protection of sanitary appliances

5.3 Installation requirements

5.4 Blended water supplies and modular hot and cold water systems

5.5 Taps Valves and Wastes

5.6 Washbasins

5.7 Sinks

5.8 Baths

5.9 Water closets

5.10 Bidets

5.11 Fixings and fastenings

5.12 Seals and sealants

5.13 Cleaning sanitary appliances

5.14 Discharge pipe systems

5.15 Single stack system

5.16 Stub stack system

5.17 WC macerator system

5.18 Commissioning discharge pipe systems

5.19 Connections to drains

5.20 Gutters and down pipes

5.21 Maintenance of sanitary appliances

5.22 Leak repair

5.23 Tap and valve maintenance

5.24 Central heating maintenance

5.25 Waste disposal units

5.26 Water softeners

5.27 Summary multiple-choice questions