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Domestic Systems

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Module 4 introduces you to the various types of piped service found in domestic and small commercial buildings. It explains, with lots of drawings, how each system operates and is arranged and tells you about the different rules and standards that apply and how to correctly check that the system is working properly when it is first brought into use (system commissioning).

Module Contents

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Domestic systems - standards and statutory requirements

4.3 Water pressure

4.4 Types of hot and cold water system

4.5 Commissioning hot and cold water systems

4.6 Small bore heating systems

4.7 Domestic fire sprinkler systems

4.8 Oil pipelines

4.9 Gas piping installation

4.10 Solar energy systems

4.11 Warm air heating systems

4.12 Sources of reference and useful information

4.13 Domestic system multiple-choice questions