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Piping Installation

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Module 3 - Piping Installation covers the techniques required to install pipes and fittings quickly, to a professional standard without wasting time or materials. The Module explains in detail the underlying principles behind the various types of jointing systems and fittings that can be used. It also introduces you to our unique and systematic piping installation method, which fully explains and demonstrates with examples how you can produce high quality piping installations right from the start whilst at the same time eliminating waste and saving you time to make your company more competitive or more profitable...

You should also view the video on the Course CD-ROM for the first time whilst you are studying this Module.

Module Contents

3.1 Introduction

3.2 EN standards for copper tube and fittings

3.3 Jointing tube

3.4 Fixing tube

3.5  Bending copper tube

3.6 Component connections

3.7 Jointing dissimilar materials

3.8 Insulation against frost and heat gain

3.9 Underground water services

3.10 Contamination and copper

3.11 Planning and positioning of piped services

3.12 Systematic installation of tube

3.13 Piping Installation multiple-choice questions