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Green Plumbing Technology

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This is the final Module of the Learn Plumbing Advanced Theory Course. It covers all the knowledge need to design install and maintain green plumbing technologies. It is written to give you an overview of the ways that plumbers and other building services personnel can help to make use of sustainable technologies to minimise fossil fuel energy use and therefore hopefully reduce CO2 emissions and the detrimental effects of global warming. It describes the effect of greenhouse gases on climate change; and explains some of the different ways that people can modify their buildings and/or install plumbing and other services to save energy. It also describes the installation and use of possible alternative energy sources that might be used to reduce fossil fuel consumption...

Once a person has successfully completed all ten Modules of the Learn Plumbing Advanced Theory Course they will receive their overall Summary Record of Achievement.

By now they will also have more knowledge than is required by an Advanced Plumber or Heating Installer (qualified to NVQ Level 3), and the Records of Achievement can be used as part of the Portfolio of Site Evidence to show Supplementary Knowledge.

Module Contents

20.1 Introduction

20.2 Greenhouse effect

20.3 Ozone depletion and action on climate change

20.4 Solar thermal hot water systems

20.5 Rainwater harvesting

20.6 Greywater recycling

20.7 Heat pumps

20.8 Further reading

20.9 Summary multiple-choice questions