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Installation Theory Course Contents - Module 2

Health, Safety and Tools

Installation Theory Course

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We want you to be able to begin your practical training / work-experience safely and as soon as possible. That is why we cover all these important Health and Safety topics at the start of your course.

You can begin studying this Module as soon as you have returned your Answer Paper for Module 1, and before you have completed this Module you should receive your feedback, together with your Record of Achievement and Module 3 of the course...

Module Contents

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Health and Safety at Work Legislation

2.3 Tools and equipment

2.4 Hazardous processes and operations

2.6 Materials and substances - COSHH

2.7 Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

2.8 Fire safety - types of fire extinguisher

2.9 RIDDOR and accident reporting

2.10 First aid in an emergency

2.11 Protective clothing - PPE Regulations

2.12 Working in confined spaces

2.13 Manual handling and lifting  

2.14 Working at heights  

2.15 Scaffolds

2.16 Roof work

2.17 Electricity

2.18 Abrasive Wheels

2.19 Checking boiler flues and ventilation

2.20 Summary multiple-choice questions