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Domestic Oil Installations

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This study module covers the operation and installation of domestic oil-fired burners and boilers, their supply piping and oil storage equipment. It also covers combustion testing and appliance efficiency, siting and flues and ventilation requirements for oil-fired boilers, as well as the techniques needed to commission and maintain the burner.

Module Contents

19.1 Introduction

19.2 Oil fuel safety

19.3 Oil burning equipment

19.4 Oil combustion process

19.5 Combustion testing

19.6 Combustion efficiency

19.7 Appliance siting

19.8 Oil pipelines

19.9 Oil fuel storage

19.10 Appliance ventilation

19.11 Flues and Chimneys

19.12 Appliance commissioning

19.13 Service and maintenance

19.14 Further reading

19.15 Summary multiple-choice questions