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Building Drainage

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This Module covers the design and installation of both above and below ground building drainage. It also covers  processes that can be used to clear blockages in existing drains including the special health and safety requirements that must be complied with when a person works with drains to prevent accidents and the spread of disease.

Module Contents

17.1 Introduction

17.2 Materials comparison

17.3 Summary of applicable standards

17.4 Discharge pipe installation design guidelines

17.5 Types of system and configurations

17.6 Flow capacities of pipework

17.7 Installation - pipes, fittings and couplings

17.8 Roof connections

17.9 Pipe supports, fixing brackets and suspended systems

17.10 Below ground drainage

17.11 Types of system

17.12 Planning and setting out drainage systems

17.13 Setting-out drain levels

17.14 Trench preparation and bedding, laying pipes and back filling

17.15 Inspection chamber I rodding point design

17.16 Gullies and floor drains

17.17 Drain testing

17.18 Material comparison

17.19 Blocked drains and discharge piping

17.20 Summary multiple-choice questions