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Setting Out for Pipe Bending

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Module 16 extends the basics of tube bending covered in Module 3 of the Installation Theory Course. It shows in a detailed step-by-step way how to set-up an adjustable bending machine. It then goes on to cover the techniques required to form bends of all types quickly, to a professional standard without creating drawings or wasting time or materials right from the start.

You should also view the video on the Course CD-ROM for the second time whilst you are studying this Module...

Module Contents

16.1 Introduction

16.2 Tube suitability for bending

16.3 Hand bending copper tube

16.4 Softening copper tube

16.5 Setting out of spring loaded bends

16.6 Single and double sets

16.7 Pass-over bends

16.8 Maintaining centres around 'matching' bends

16.9 Machine bending

16.10 Typical bending machines

16.11 Assembling adjustable rotary bending machines

16.12 Setting the pressure roller

16.13 Setting the stop for repeat bends

16.14 Setting out machine bends

16.15 Methods of establishing bending points for machine bends

16.16 Positioning tube in the machine

16.17 Forming the bend

16.18 Reverse bending

16.19 Positioning tube for multiple bends

16.20 Double sets

16.21 Passover bends

16.22 Bends beyond 90° from a fixed point

16.23 Two angled bends from a fixed point

16.24 Press bending

16.25 Bending geometry

16.26 Do’s and don’ts of bending

16.27 Summary multiple-choice questions