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Costing and Planning Plumbing Installation Work

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Module 15 is an ideal module for anyone who aspires to become involved in management and  supervision or run their own company because it covers the theory and practice of costing and planning plumbing work.

It includes tools to enable you to quickly produce accurate cost estimates, and plan the sequence of installation for complex projects. It has fully worked and detailed step-by-step examples of all the processes involved together with practice exercises for you to complete as you work your way through the module to gain a full understanding of this area of work.

Module Contents

15.1 Introduction

15.2 Contract procurement

15.3 Formation of a contract

15.4 Contract documents

15.5 Tendering

15.6 Instructions and variations

15.7 Interim and final payments

15.8 Cost/benefit analysis

15.9 Economic hourly charge-out rate

15.10 Factors affecting cost estimation

15.11 Example plumbing job cost

15.12 The need for planning

15.13 Gantt charts

15.14 Critical path analysis

15.15 Example specification clauses

15.16 Bibliography, further reading

15.17 Blank sheets for costing, Gantt chart and activity chart

15.18 Summary multiple-choice questions