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Domestic Pipe Sizing

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Module 14 covers the theory and practice of pipe sizing for hot and cold water piping, central heating piping, hot water safety discharge piping, gas pipe sizing and sizing gutters and rainwater down-pipes.

It includes fully worked and detailed step-by-step examples of all the processes involved together with practice exercises for you to complete as you work your way through the module to gain a full understanding of this area of work.

Module Contents

14.1 Introduction

14.2 Fluid flow fundamentals

14.3 Use of tables, pipe-sizing graphs and nomograms

14.4 Basic principles of hot and cold water pipe sizing

14.5 Tabulation method for hot and cold water pipe sizing

14.6 Hot and cold water pipe sizing exercise

14.7 Basic principles of central heating pipe sizing

14.8 Tabulation method for central heating pipe sizing

14.9 Central heating pipe sizing exercise

14.10 Sizing hot water safety device discharge piping

14.11 Basic principles of gas pipe sizing

14.12 Tabulation method for gas pipe sizing

14.13 Gas pipe sizing exercise

14.14 Sizing eaves gutters and rainwater pipes

14.15 Further reading - references & blank pipe sizing tabulation forms

14.16 Summary multiple-choice questions