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Domestic Heating System Design

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Module 12 covers the theory and practice of heating system design. It includes fully worked and detailed step-by-step examples of all the processes involved together with practice exercises for you to complete as you work your way through the module.

You can begin studying this Module as soon as you have returned your Answer Paper for Module 11, and before you have completed this Module you should receive your feedback, together with your Record of Achievement and Module 13 of the course...

Module Contents

12.1 Introduction

12.2 Comfort conditions

12.3 Room usage, ventilation and temperature levels

12.4 Determining heat losses

12.5 Heat emitters

12.6 Heating system piping layouts

12.7 Mass flow rate - provisional tube sizes

12.8 Pump head, capacity, position and system balancing

12.9 Provision for expansion of the system water

12.10 Heating system control

12.11 Types of control and their uses

12.12 Heating control system types

12.13 Upgrading existing heating control systems

12.14 Cabling and wiring schematic diagrams

12.15 Building regulations requirements

12.16 Boiler selection criteria

12.17 CHeSS, Energy Efficiency Recommended, SAP and SEDBUK

12.18 System commissioning and handover

12.19 Problems in heating systems

12.20 Bibliography and further reading

12.21 Summary multiple-choice questions