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Advanced Theory Course Contents - Module 11

Introduction to Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings and Data

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When you enrol on our Learn Plumbing Advanced Theory Course we send your course binder, a copy of our Course Training Guide together with Module 11- Introduction to Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings and Data and  Module 12 - Domestic Heating System Design, plus a copy your CD-ROM. We also send you details of your personal tutor and how to contact them by post, email or telephone...

The Course Training Guide explains how the course is organised and suggests ways for you to plan and enables you to set targets to keep your studies on track...

Introduction to Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings and Data Module is an important part of the Advanced Course because as well as explaining about the work of an Advanced Plumber, it also explains in detail the essential differences between NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 plumbing work. We cover this information right at the start of the Advanced Course so that you can begin collecting evidence towards your chosen qualification at the earliest opportunity.

Course operation

Once you have worked your way through Module 11 and its Drawing Interpretation Exercise you will be ready to answer the summary multi-choice questions. When you are satisfied with your answers you return the Answer Paper to us by post in the envelope provided so that we can mark them.

Assuming you reach the standard (minimum 80% correct) we will send your feedback, your Record of Achievement for the Module and the next Module of the course, Module 13.

If you do not reach the standard, do not be too concerned, we will return your Answer Paper with feedback and ask you to revisit the appropriate section of the module before resubmitting your Answer Paper...

Whilst we are marking your Answer Paper you will be able to continue with your learning by studying the Module 12.  In this way you should always have a Module to study, even when we are doing our part by marking your Answer Paper and preparing and sending you your next Module and Record of Achievement...

Module Contents

11.1 Introduction

11.2 NVQ unit titles and level

11.3 The difference between training and assessment

11.4 Learn Plumbing’s study-modules

11.5 The range of systems

11.6 Designing plumbing systems

11.7 Presenting the design to the customer

11.8 Interpretation of drawings, specifications and data

11.9 Use of symbols

11.10 Types of line

11.11 Identification of pipelines

11.12 Types of drawing and projections

11.13 Valve charts

11.14 Drawing scales

11.15 Dimensions and Grids

11.16 Dimensions from a common datum

11.17 Fault finding algorithms

11.18 Using scientific calculators

11.19 Interpretation of drawings practical exercise

11.20 Summary multiple-choice questions