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Installation Theory Course Contents - Module 10

Installation and Maintenance of Sheet Lead Weatherings

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This is the final Module of the Learn Plumbing Installation Theory Course. It covers the knowledge need to install and maintain sheet lead weatherings including: prepare the roof structure, fabricating and installing sheet lead weathering’s to chimneys, roof abutments, roof penetrations, valley gutters, dormers and canopies. It also covers the special health and safety requirements that must be complied with when a person works with sheet lead. Also included are explanations of the potential problems that can occur due to poor installation practice, such as wind-lift and cracking due to expansion and contraction of the lead through thermal cycling.

Once a person has successfully completed all ten Modules of the Learn Plumbing Installation Theory Course they will receive their overall Summary Record of Achievement.

By now they will also have more knowledge than is required by a Trained Plumber or Heating Installer (qualified to NVQ Level 2), and the Records of Achievement can be used as part of the Portfolio of Site Evidence to show Supplementary Knowledge.

If a person decides to follow the Plumbing New-Entrant Route and register to take the City and Guilds 6189 Certificate in Plumbing they can use the set of Revision Notes (see below) provided with the Course to quickly refresh their memory if necessary before sitting the written test papers and the GOLA computer based assessment of their theory knowledge needed for this certificate.

Module Contents

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Physical and mechanical properties of lead sheet

10.3 Types of lead sheet

10.4 Lead sheet safety- general points to note

10.5 Preventing corrosion

10.6 Preparation of roof under-structure

10.7 Standard sheet lead sizes for flashings and weatherings

10.8 Support and fixing methods

10.9 Working techniques for lead

10.10 Chimney weatherings

10.11 Horizontal abutments

10.12 Side abutment flashings

10.13 Roof penetrations

10.14 Dormers and canopies

10.15 Valley gutters

10.16 Planning the sequence of installation

10.17 Patination

10.18 Problems with sheet weatherings

10.19 Maintenance of sheet weatherings

10.20 Summary multiple-choice questions

City and Guilds 6189 Revision Notes

These comprise a set of notes (1 or 2 sides of A4 paper each covering the written assessments for: Health and Safety, Cold water systems, Hot water Systems, Heating systems, Sanitation systems, Effective working relationships, Electrical installation work, Environmental issues, Sheet lead weatherings, Plumbing principles, Common plumbing processes). By reading through the appropriate set of revision notes before attempting a test the candidate will maximise their score without taking the extensive time that would be required to read through the relevant section or module of the entire Course...