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Student testimonials

“From the 2nd December I’m going self-employed and I’ve found the information in the modules of great use in my chosen career.”

“I am very impressed with modules 1 & 2, and look forward to receiving the next set.”

“I would like to thank you for sending me the Record of Achievement… this has given me an incentive to carry on [studying].”

“I have found the two previous courses most beneficial to my needs, also something useful to refer to when undertaking some of my work…”

"I found the course enlightening and very informative. It also had the effect of boosting confidence simply because it explained things so well and thus removed the mystery. I would recommend this course to anyone new to the trade."

“I’ve found this course interesting, stimulating and challenging - it has opened my eyes to give a wider glimpse into the world of plumbing.”

" A very well presented course, interesting and now I want to use the information I have learned…"

“I enjoyed the design aspects of the [Advanced] course immensely because of their applied nature, relying on underpinning science, maths, a range of laws and regulations and the needs of various interested parties to come to decisions, this aspect of problem solving was interesting.”

"Overall a good and interesting course."

“On the whole, my experience with both courses has been hugely positive…”

"Covered all the basics and a very interesting course."

"I found the course not only enlightening but very interesting and informative too. It explained things so well and thus removed the mystery."

"I am enjoying the course and must complement you on the quality of your text. You manage to put the subject over in a very succinct, yet readable manner."

"The course has been instrumental in helping me to take the idea of starting a career in plumbing and develop it towards reality. For anyone interested in starting in plumbing, I'd say the course is essential as a first step… I have no hesitation in recommending the course."

"I found the course excellent for someone in my situation - I am changing careers in January."

"Many thanks for helping me make a decision on plumbing and your course - as I have just received my NVQ level 2 certificate in the post, and am now progressing to level 3."

"...I would like to say a very BIG thank you to you for the course I am studying."

"I must congratulate you on the readability of your course; it's very clear and has done wonders for giving me confidence in ' having a go' at jobs, knowing they have been thought through properly beforehand…"

"Thank you for all your help and with the swift return of my modules to enable me to take the plumbing theory course, I would recommend it to anyone who would wish to make a change of career or as a handy course for enthusiastic DIY'rs."

"My compliments on a well-run, well-organised course."

“I chose Learn Plumbing's courses because I could study in my own time and work at the same time.”

“It took me just 18 months to get my NVQ Levels 2 & 3 and I’ve now set up my own company.”

“I can say with hand on heart that I have thoroughly enjoyed studying this course, and although I have worked in this trade for many years I learnt such a lot that will help me improve.”

“I have enjoyed my course and the flexibility I had in completing it.”

“Thank you for a great course!”

“The course is really interesting and I’m finding myself much more knowledgeable in the subject of plumbing.”

“I have found your study course very interesting. I enjoyed it immensely and would like to thank you very much for supplying me with all the information I wanted.”

“Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the course modules. They are put together in a way that made the study very straightforward, concise and easy to follow.”

“I enjoyed your plumbing theory course so much. Thank you.”

“I was very impressed at how quickly the answer sheets were marked and returned to me, and the certificates too.”

Plumbing teachers (many of whom have studied our training materials themselves) have written:

“This course is the daddy of them all…”

“...with your permission we would like to purchase your study modules to incorporate with our own teaching materials.”

“This is a Rolls-Royce course for the price of a Ford!”


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