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CD ROM version of Make the Right Start is a computer based copper tube and fittings learning tool created and developed to help students begin their professional development. It can introduce them to the copper plumbing skills required to install copper tube and fittings, so that copper installation and design work can be carried out competently.

The CD is packed with knowledge, information and advice, and contains a series of video clips with sound to illustrate the techniques necessary to cut, bend, joint and install copper tube.

Also on the CD are a series of graded theory and practical exercises for you to complete.

The CD will run on a multi-media PC with MS Windows 95 or later and Internet Explorer (Note: it is NOT necessary to have Internet access to run the CD).


Completion of exercises 1 to 5 on the CD is useful preparation for the practical exercises contained in the C&G 6022 qualification as well as providing evidence towards NVQ level 2 in skill areas such as plumbing and central heating. Also, completion of exercises 6 and 7 can provide useful evidence for the Design Systems Unit of level 3 NVQs.

Contains a 14 minute video to illustrate the techniques of copper plumbing...

Runs on a multi-media PC, uses  Internet Explorer to navigate.

Contents summary:

SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION 1 Resource materials for lecturers 2 City and Guilds Courses

1 Pipework installation method

2 A guide to bending

3 Interactive work sheets and exercises

1 Copper tube in buildings

2 Installation tips

A 14 minute video and interactive work sheets have been included to introduce you to the necessary skills to measure, cut, bend, joint and install copper tube and fittings to a high standard.
A series of reference materials are also included (which can be printed out, or copied and pasted) covering pipework bending and installation methods are part of the package. In addition, a series of installation tips covering basic plumbing skills and a reference guide to copper tube in buildings are also included.
Seven student interactive exercises and answer sheets have been included. Based around practical exercises, they have been developed to encourage you to study the technology of copper tube and fittings installation.
The exercise sheets have been designed to encourage you to study and refer to the various resource materials on the CD. Exercises 1 to 5 will be useful for NVQ installation evidence at level 2. Exercises 6 and 7 develop the skill of pipe sizing for hot and cold water systems and gas installation pipework and so will prove useful at NVQ level 3.
Intended user group: New-Entrants and mature students in the plumbing, central heating and gas industries. Also useful for Multi-skilling existing building craft occupations and maintenance staff in local authority and housing association direct labour organisations, as well as self-builders and people interested in plumbing DIY. (Enhances the materials provided for Make the Right Start Domestic AND Industrial Copper Tube Installation Distance Learning Courses mentioned elsewhere on the web site).
Indication of level: Useful for anyone from basic through to advanced. Takes people through from the basic's through to advanced design, and also the interactive exercises are very useful to people on NVQ level 2 and level 3 courses in plumbing, etc.
Entry requirements: None
Support available: Via email link to UK Copper Board
Amount of attendance required: None
Time guide: Unlimited
Media used in package: Computer CDROM - interactive, with video and sound.
Technical requirements: Runs on standalone or networked IBM PC with CDROM drive running Windows & Internet Explorer.


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