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About the self-study course modules

All Learn Plumbing’s modules are well-written, up-to-date, and cover the subject in depth. They are easy to read and comprehensively illustrated with lots of diagrams. They all contain information that enables a systematic and methodical approach to facilitate efficient working too. They all contain a set of summary multi-choice questions and exercises for you to complete. Tutor support by email or telephone is available to students enrolled on courses and feedback is also provided. A personalised Record of Achievement is sent to all people who successfully complete their modules and courses.

How it all came about

In the 1980’s and 90’s, during the time Brian Curry was working as a plumbing lecturer at the Oldham College, he noticed that each year at enrolment time in September one or two mature people who wanted to change career would sign on for a college part-time or full time course to learn plumbing. Very few of these people continued with the course more than a few weeks, mainly because they became frustrated having to learn and progress generally at the pace that was set by the group they were a part of even though they were keen to learn and get on with their studies. This was mainly because the other class members were young people, many of whom were not really mature enough for the world of work and for whom a period of two or three or even four years in college gave them both the time to mature and learn their skills, and mature people, with perhaps a family and all the commitments that go with modern life, simply didn’t have that luxury of time. Talking to colleagues at other colleges showed that the same thing was happening there too.

Seeing these few mature new-entrants to the industry become so frustrated that they left the course and so were not able to reach their goal made Brian think that there had to be a better way! The result: seven years and many hours of development work lead to the creation of the Learn Plumbing Installation and Advanced Theory Courses.

Since the first student enrolled well over 13,000 people have studied our theory courses and their feedback has enabled the courses to be developed to the point where they are the most up-to-date and complete theory courses available anywhere. The courses have been described as “A Rolls Royce course for the price of a Ford”, and “This course is the daddy of them all!”

Student feedback and course development

Analysis of student feedback questionnaires proves that students find the study modules easy to read and understand. Students also feel that the study modules are both interesting, as well as relevant to the subject and cover it comprehensively too.

Students tell us that they appreciate the feedback they receive, and how quickly their answers are marked and returned to them.

Perhaps most importantly, students agree that the study modules have helped them in their plumbing work. They regularly ‘come-back-for-more’ too, as their career progresses and their need for further knowledge grows... Students also feel that the summary questions are easy to understand, and at about the right level of difficulty as far as answering is concerned to give a fair test of their knowledge and understanding!

Learn Plumbing Ethical Policy

Learn Plumbing pledges to maintain the highest standard of integrity in all their dealings with students and prospective students and, in particular, they undertake:

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About Learn Plumbing

Learn Plumbing publishes self-study training modules and courses that can take you from the basics all the way through the essential theory and underpinning knowledge of plumbing and its associated subjects including bathroom design and installation, central heating etc in both domestic and industrial and commercial type buildings.

Since 1996 thousands of students have studied many thousands of Learn Plumbing’s courses and modules. Many thousands more have also studied Brian Curry’s educational materials as part of their further education courses in over 185 colleges throughout the UK and overseas too, including:

Australia, Antigua, Brunei, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the USA...

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